Redis 集群构建 01初始化安装

First, I want to say that all these theory are based on Linux CentOS release 6.3 (Final)
and Redis-2.8.19(stable) you guys can check that with the command:

$ cat /etc/issue
$ /path/to/redis-cli –version

As far as I know, It won’t make too much difference, but I strongly recommend you to use
this version of Redis, because yours probably has bug to fix or not support the properties
that we’ll use later.

OK, now, let’s rock~

Please allow me to talk a little more nagging, because not all the people reading this
passage is a high level programmer.

Install Redis

download form

$ tar zxvf redis-2.8.19.tar.gz
$ cd redis-2.8.19
$ make PREFIX=/some/other/directory install

sure, you need to replace /some/other/directory with your own location for setup your redis.
For example, I use /opt/redis

Configure Redis

create path to store config file, data rdb file, redis log and pid file

$ mkdir -p /opt/redis/{etc,data,log,run}

copy config file into etc path

$ cp ./redis.conf /opt/redis/etc

config the redis.conf file

daemonize yes
pidfile /data/redis/run/
port 6379
logfile “/data/redis/log/redis_6379.log”
dbfilename dump_6379.rdb
dir /data/redis/data/redis_6379/  # notice we should create log folder for each db instance

create db path for each instance

mkdir /opt/redis/data/redis_6379/

Start Redis

if [ -f ${REDISPATH}etc/redis_${PORT}.conf ]; then
${REDISPATH}bin/redis-server ${REDISPATH}etc/redis_${PORT}.conf
echo “no config match port ${PORT}”

:wq 保存成, chmod +x 后执行该文件, 开启 Redis.

OK, Done.

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